Give Your Battery a Wake-Up Call

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Are you stranded with a car that just won't start? Don't flood the engine with repeated attempts that will never work. Call Custom Kar Tops Inc. immediately for fast and efficient jump starts and towing services in Gateway, Fort Myers, FL or the surrounding area.

Our roadside assistance service professionals are able to come to your aid quickly in order to help you get back on the road. A dead battery can sneak up on you at any moment. We're ready to help with jump starts day or night.

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What are the most common reasons for a dead battery?

Knowing the usual reasons for a dead car battery can prevent future problems. Jump starts are commonly needed after:
  • Human errors like open trunks or leaving lights and radios on
  • Faulty charging from alternator issues
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Corroded or loose cables

It's also possible your battery became too old before replacement. Whatever the reason might be, we'll help. We jump start cars, trucks, semis, big rigs, ATVs, RVs and more. Gain peace of mind knowing we're always on call and ready to assist you.